Improve how you and your team present with presentation skills training

Presentation training will help you and your team to communicate with more impact. Our experienced trainers provide bespoke workshops for teams and one-to-one coaching to deliver immediate improvements.

We start with your business objectives and help you to improve your messaging, confidence and delivery. Improved personal communication skills will help you to represent your business and enhance how you present, pitch and persuade.


Communicate with more impact

By improving your confidence at presenting to an audience you can win more pitches, promote your business or simply get your message across more effectively. You’ll learn how to connect with your audience, speak with clarity, structure your presentation and inspire action.

Every training course is different. Typically we run half-day sessions for 1-4 people, or full-day workshops with up to 10 delegates. But we can adapt to meet your needs. Our courses are tailored to your business and can be designed to help you with a specific objective. Perhaps you need to master an upcoming pitch or presentation, or you want to improve your teams’ communication skills.

How you will benefit from The Media Group's Presentation Training

Tailored to you

We don’t run open courses. We’ll design each course for your exact needs. So you and your team will get the most out of it. We’ll help you to craft your individual communication style to get the right results.

Results-focussed training

Win more pitches, wow the crowd as a guest speaker, or simply get your message across to your team better. Good presenters will connect with the audience and inspire them to think, feel and act differently.

Value for money
Value for money

Improving the way you communicate is one of the best investments in training you can make. By putting your team through presentation training the cost per delegate is low, and your team will be inspired, energised and better communicators.

Presentation training - expert advice
Expert advice

Our experienced trainers will make a difference. We’ve been doing it for years with clients including FTSE 100s, global institutions, professional service companies, agencies, celebrities, athletes and national governing bodies.

Immediate improvements

You’ll get practical, effective advice to improve your own personal performance. We usually film and analyse your technique to give you immediate improvements and build your long-term confidence.

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Build confidence

When you present to an audience you want to feel confident and look in control. We’ll help you to manage nerves, be clear on your strategy and get the best out of your personal performance.

Learn from the experts

Our lead trainer, Keith Daniell, is the Chairman of The Media Group. With a background as a television presenter on ITV and Channel 4, Keith delivers training sessions across the world. Keith is an associate of Henley Business School and Oxford University, delivering presentation training as part of their Executive Education programme.

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