Our approach

Finding their ‘why’

The first step in this project was to listen. To find their ‘why’ for doing the report.

We wanted to understand the people behind the organisation and their shared values. What they wanted to achieve and why people should care about it.

It became clear to us that the Watmos team are proud of the work they were doing and cared about the people who call their houses homes. We needed  a solution to showcase this, in a way that was interesting and accessible.

A new direction

The challenge – turn  something usually perceived as a bit dull  into something that makes an emotional connection with people.

We saw the opportunity to reach a greater audience by using animated video, rather than just producing a text based report.

Once we understood their why, and how Watmos are  different to other organisations,  we worked to help them understand how a new animated direction would get more people to learn, care and remember what they do.

Shifting the tone  

To make sure this new animated style worked for their target audience, we helped Watmos to shift their tone of voice to one that was more approachable, simple and appealing to an every day audience.

Using this new tone of voice guide and a softer design style, our makers worked together to create a  powerful animated story, supported by a written report, to make their values flow through their work.

Every scene was created using a graphics tablet, allowing our team to draw and sketch out the scenes like a real sketchbook, which worked perfectly with their new style and tone. 

The project involved design, animation, copywriting and marketing to create something that was truly meaningful to the client and the people they wanted to reach.


The new animated report was received brilliantly by the Watmos team and the communities they work in. It showcased their stats and achievements through engaging storytelling, providing a much more captivating experience for the viewer.

Since launching the first report, we’ve also continued to support Watmos with further projects including a rebrand, a housing regeneration project and a second annual report.

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