Our approach

After listening to our client, we were on a mission to create a conference with maximum energy and interaction.

  • We designed a stage and twin-screen conference set, making use of some of the venue’s built-in facilities to maximise our client’s budget.
  • We provided an experienced event director to manage proceedings on stage with talkback technology, ensuring everything ran like clockwork to the tight schedule.
  • We came up with The FA’s #EngageInnovate theme and used it throughout the live programme – from setbuild to screen content and social media
  • Social media was an important measure of the event, so we included a live Twitter wall to encourage delegates to get involved.


  • Great success on social media with a reach of 1.2m and 3.7m impressions.

  • The #EngageInnovate event was a big hit that’s likely to be repeated in the future.

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