Welcome to our new
Studio Assistant, Jade

Ey up! I’m Jade and I’m the new Studio Assistant at
The Media Group.

It’s a super exciting time to be joining the incredible team here at TMG. After Graduating from Nottingham Trent University with an MA in Documentary Journalism last December, I’m chuffed to be here and to be sharing my creativity and ideas.

Not only is this a new job, but also a brand new role that I’m incredibly honoured to take on. As Studio Assistant I’ll be helping out across all departments at The Media Group and will be doing a variety of jobs, which works perfectly for me, as I’m always looking for something new to get my brain ticking.

So what have I been doing since graduating? I’ve been doing all kinds of things to find my feet in the weird world of graduate life. I’ve worked as a freelance camera person, a video editor, podcast editor, and as a journalist at the BBC. I’ve done a spot of travelling and been managing a coffee shop back home in Leeds. So you bet I can make a cracking cuppa. If I wasn’t doing that I’d likely be at a gig photographing musicians and bands in my favourite venues.

The most memorable trip I made in the last year was to Northern Virginia USA. I stayed just outside of Washington DC and I spent a month getting to know my extended family who are from Cambodia. I went over to research and start a project about Cambodian refugees. It was a humbling experience listening to their shocking but inspiring stories of escaping the country. My other travels included mainly short breaks around Europe visiting friends and experiencing new cultures which I’m always eager to do. I think my favourite European city to have visited so
far is Copenhagen!

With my background in Documentary, you can imagine I love to hear stories. I find people fascinating and I love a good natter. Being able to share those stories and make a difference to someone’s life is a personal and professional goal I always strive for.

One of my biggest values has always been to make sure you’re doing a job you love and enjoy. In turn I’ve found I usually produce my best work. After just a week at The Media Group I can already tell I’m on the right path and I’m excited to see where this opportunity takes me and to get stuck in with all the exciting projects that are emerging.

If you want to chat feel free to drop me an email at jade.vowles@themediagroup.co.uk

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