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An article by our Graphic Designer, Natalie Fearn

Finding that first graduate job can be a daunting process, going to numerous interviews, presenting your portfolio that you know like the back of your hand to people who have been in the design industry for a number of years. It’s all about the experience and passion that you can feed into that company that is ‘just right’ for you.

I have been working at The Media Group now for just over a month, after sending a courageous email with a sample portfolio attached, hoping that I’d at least get an email acknowledgement. I got a lot more than that.

That one email I sent over to network with a great marketing company really was worth it. It can be disheartening when you are networking as much as you can and not much comes of it, but it just proves that you don’t know who will look at your email and portfolio at the receiving end. Putting that little bit more effort and courage in to make yourself known to a company you admire and aspire to work for can really go a long way, trust me.

Personally, I think that honesty is the key to getting the job you want. If you go into an interview with nothing but yourself to offer you cannot go far wrong. Show your personality, your passion for the job you are interviewing for and for your own work that you are presenting. If the company comes back with a disappointing decision then it is not the company for you.

You need to work for a company who believe in your creativity and push you to thrive on it even more than you already do, which is crucial within a working design environment. Design and creativity is all about the passion for the ideas. Anybody could come up with fantastic solutions for a client, but it is about the interest and execution of design that truly makes a designer.

I wanted a job that I would be excited to go to every day. I don’t always know what projects or challenges are around the corner but I think that is what makes me motivated to work at The Media Group.

I am looking forward to getting stuck in with a wide range of projects that we achieve for our clients, including the Royal Air Forces Association, The FA, Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and many more. I want to push myself into other areas of the creative industry such as video production and The Media Group is exactly the right place for me to get involved with that.

There are so many challenges and opportunities that I have achieved already, and I have only been working here just over a month. Who knows what could happen here as more time goes by.

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