The Torch Trophy Trust 55th Annual Awards

An article by our Chairman, Keith Daniell

I’ve always loved sport.

Which is strange because neither my mum nor my dad had any great interest in it.

But for me, running, cycling, playing football – anything really – has always made me happy.

And when you meet people who have given their life to enabling sport to happen it is humbling.

If you are fortunate – either because you played to a decent level or because you could afford it – sport gets taken for a granted.

But in some communities and for some people with disabilities, that’s not how it is.

If you are severely disabled, there’s only one way you will get the opportunity to ride a horse, for example. And that’s if someone gives up their time, and their horse, for you.

Which is why the Torch Trophy Trust is something special. I’m a trustee and the honorary treasurer (so if you’ve got a few bob and are reading this and willing to help please get in touch!) and every year we provide bursaries to help sport happen and awards to recognise those who have enabled it to happen. We recognise the unsung and often forgotten people.

The chap who makes sure the rugby club house is open, the heating switched on and the toilets mended.

The woman who gives up all her time to help run netball for those with learning difficulties.

And the family which, at the weekends, enables a fun run to happen at Rutland Water. Every weekend. And the volunteers there include five year old Jaskaran Singh Jagdev.

When I used to manage and coach my local school football team, being the volunteer included me putting the nets on the goals before the game, sweeping the pitch to pick up any stray dog pooh, driving the kids to and from away matches, washing and drying the kit and managing the fall-out when one or two of the team got upset if I dropped them. But I loved it. And there are many, many people who do much more than me.

That’s why the Torch Trophy Trust exists – and that’s why at The Media Group we are proud to support it.

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