Ten years at The Media Group

Tom Hanks was on Desert Island Discs recently and the presenter begin by saying that, despite her best efforts, she had not been able to find anyone to rubbish him. Perhaps she didn’t look hard enough. Or perhaps it is, simply, the case that some people don’t have critics.

Jon is not perfect. His ability to slide down a chair so that he appeared, by the end of the day, to be only just clinging on to the edge of the desk and key pad as his body sloped further and further towards the floor – a bit like mercury coming out of the old-fashioned thermometers – was a noted factor in his early administration days with us.

Jon Gordon, Managing Director, The Media Group

But he is one of those people who is able to develop and maintain relationships. Friendships.

It seems extraordinary that Jon has been with us for ten years. In that time he has married, moved, had two lovely children and progressed through our company. And stayed popular.

He hasn’t cracked Hollywood and may be unlikely – in the short term – to appear on Desert Island Discs. But he is a valued member of The Media Group.

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