Showcase your company's personality with video

Our Producer, Ashley, with his top tips to let your company personality shine through your videos.

So you’ve made moves into the vast and wonderful world of video production for your company. You might have an explainer video that tells everyone what you do, maybe some client testimonials to support the great work you do. What’s next?

A great way to get prospective clients on board and to engage with your brand is to use video to showcase your company’s personality.

But what does this even mean? What is your company’s personality?

Showcase your company's personality through video

It’s all about the voice you want to use with customers. The perception you want people to have of your company.

Who can communicate this better than your team? Your team make up the personality and culture of your company. So why not put them on show.

Your team are the ones who customers and prospects will engage with on a day-to-day basis.

Here at The Media Group we recently had our 15th Birthday, woo!

This was a perfect opportunity to make a fun video to introduce our team and connect with the viewer on a personal level.


We had great fun making this video and it’s had lots of positive comments from new and existing customers. Here are my top tips to try this for yourself:

Pick an occasion, celebration or event to focus your video around

It’s a perfect opportunity to interact with your customers and they can get to know you in an informal way. You can use your video to let customers know if you are due to be closed for an upcoming holiday, have an upcoming event or you have new members of your team.

Fun and factual, the best combo since fish and chips.

Get your team involved and excited about your video

They are the stars of the show but most people are really uncomfortable with being filmed. It’s all about getting them excited and letting them be as involved with the video as they are happy with. We find that most people will be nervous but with the right encouragement (bribery) and patience they soon come around.

We also filmed a video with one of our Account Managers, Victoria. She is involved with meeting, pitching, presenting and quoting clients. This simple video, used in her email signature, is a great way to further connect with her contacts and prospects. It’s a simple template style that we can use with other members of our team too!


Keep it simple

Most of your staff probably aren’t seasoned film stars, unless you run a talent agency in which case this will be easy. Make sure your team are comfortable with a script. Encourage them to read their lines aloud and make sure it feels natural.

Schedule in plenty of time on your shoot for nervous staff members to get warmed up and be happy to deliver their lines. Don’t try and get too much information into one video. People aren’t watching this to know every single intricate detail of your company, they just want to know who you are!

That’s it, you’re ready to go out and do it for yourself – show your customers who you are.

Take a look at some of our video production case studies. And if you want any help with your next video, get in touch on 0115 824 4400 or email or

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