Internal communications - living a brand from the inside out

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Just about every business has a mission statement and a set of values. The words might be posted on a wall in a nice picture frame, or published in an annual report. But without the passion to act on them, to create an experience, it’s just words.

At the heart of any company are your employees. So without the right people to deliver your promise you’ll most likely fail in time.

Internal communications - living a brand from within

No matter the size of the company, most struggle with internal communications. However, it’s incredibly important to get it right. Why? Because it’s the best way for your employees to embrace your brand. They are the very people who can make the brand come to life for your customers and create powerful emotional connections to the products and services you sell.

Reports indicate that fewer than 50% of employees believe in their company’s brand idea and even less are actually equipped to deliver on it. The old model of focusing primarily on the external message and media at best leaves them disconnected and at worst dismissive or cynical.

So firstly you need passionate people who believe in your purpose. Then you need to keep them energised. This can be achieved with regular two-way communication, giving them a voice and respecting their views. Put as much consideration into the look and the tone of internal communications as you would with an external audience.

Create an environment where the sum of the parts is far greater than any individual and make it enjoyable. To keep employees engaged you need to be honest and open. It’s not about creating another marketing tool to ‘tell’ your employees what to do or how to behave but show them the big picture. Give their work a purpose aligned with your promise.

Remember, it’s a process driven, long-term proposition, not a deliverable! It takes time to transform from being ‘informed’ to ‘understanding’ to finally being ‘committed’ to delivering your promise.

Any brand needs a strong heart to survive and grow; and this has a better chance when the employees become more customer focused and more business focused. Committed employees provide stronger performance and deliver higher customer satisfaction.

So before you spend thousands on external marketing or advertising look inwards first and consider if the heart of your business needs resuscitating.

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