Getting started in the
world of design

An article by our Design Assistant, Yasmin Bryan

Completing your education can be an emotional time. You’re excited to get out into the real world but also nervous as it can be hard to start something new and maybe even in a different location.

After completing my degree in Visual Communications (Illustration) from Birmingham City University I moved back home to Oxford, and got a job as an Administrator. I worked here for a few months until I couldn’t take it anymore.

Going from being creative everyday with art and design, to plugging in data repeatedly made me realise that I needed to be in a creative job to succeed at being happy within my career. It is said that on average we spend one third of our lives at work, so shouldn’t we be doing something we enjoy?

I eventually left and took on a more creative part time job so I could use my spare time to create more work for my portfolio and find full time employment in the creative industry.

A few months later I found myself back in Birmingham working as an Intern at a print design firm for 12 weeks. The experience and skills I learnt there enhanced my portfolio and CV which eventually landed me a freelance design position in Nottingham.

After setting myself up as a Freelance designer, I started to expand my connections and took on small jobs as well as short term work placements with a variety of companies to gain more knowledge and skills across different platforms within design. After enquiring to The Media Group about any possible job opportunities I was received positively and a week later found myself in The Media Group office working on a number of projects. The team welcomed me warmly and made me feel part of the company from day one.

I felt like I had found a bunch of creatives who genuinely appreciate and had a need for my design skills, which after a lot of unsuccessful job applications, is truly uplifting.

The Media Group atmosphere is wonderful to work in as the team clearly support one another across all departments.

If someone had told me 15 months ago when I was working in my Administration job that within two years I would be living in Nottingham and working on projects with The FA, I would have never believed it. It’s exciting working for The Media Group as all their projects are innovative and worthwhile.

I look forward to the challenges ahead and the chance to progress in my design career. It can take a while to get to where you want to be with your career path, but I believe if you want it enough you’ll make it happen. Don’t be afraid to start something new!

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