Five different ways to use video

Video can add value to your business communications. But look beyond the obvious forms of video to find different ways to reach your audience.

Think about using one of the following five videos:

  1. Share news with your team

It’s important to keep your team updated. And it can be tricky to organise everybody to be in the same place at once. We work with clients who produce regular videos with their executive team providing updates and important news to the company.

The feedback and video engagement stats show that it’s a very popular way to get their message across.

Five different ways to use video

  1. Tease your content on social media

Produce short, shareable videos specifically designed to create buzz on social media.

Consider how videos tend to be viewed on social media. You might need to use subtitles or get the message across without sound. And remember to optimise your video for different channels. What works on Facebook may not work on Instagram.

  1. Personal, one-to-one videos

We like the idea of simple, low production, video messages you can personalise and send to your customers. It can even be quicker than typing an email response. You could thank them for buying your product, thank them for feedback or show you’ve followed up on a complaint.

  1. Introduce your team

Show the human side to your business with simple videos introducing your team. They can be fun to shoot, show you have a personality, and will help you to connect and build rapport with your audience.

  1. Client testimonials

Client testimonials are hugely powerful. But sometimes they can be marketing waffle and not attributed to anyone. Your prospects are looking for trust signals before they commit to working with you. And hearing a glowing testimonial from a happy customer can provide the social proof they need to place the order.

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