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An article by our Production Assistant Bethany Ceney

Well, after what felt like forever… (as some would say) I’ve finally got my foot in the door. After graduating over a year ago with my undergraduate degree in Media Production at Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU), I was starting to feel as if the creative industry just wasn’t ready for me yet! I had the passion and drive but the opportunities available were scarce and all around London. I convinced myself I didn’t need to resort to the deep south to get work in the media industry.

Still not accepting that London was the only option, I decided to apply for something a little different. I was accepted onto a voluntary placement in South America, working with a charity to help improve the hygiene and sanitation in rural Nicaragua for three months. Good deed of the year, check!

My adventure in the wilderness full of cows and hinnies (an offspring from a donkey and horse) allowed me to feel sane again after those inevitable ‘university blues’ of endless rejection. I was able to get my enthusiasm and creative flow back. It must have been that fresh American air or that 30+ degree heat that bought it to life. As I spent my last few days there creating our end of project video, I sat hunched over on an uncomfortably small child’s seat, staring at a ridiculously laggy laptop, trying to edit on a very outdated Windows Movie Maker.. and at that moment my creativity seemed to be at its peak. It was like my creative brain had woken up from a three month nap with a triple espresso.  It gave me that drive and passion again, to want to have another shot at getting my foot in the door when I got back to England.

It had been a short while after being back on English soil, I was given the good news of being offered an internship at The Media Group. I couldn’t have been happier. I was ‘back on the road again’, going on location shoots, seeing productions come to life and being surrounded by so many creative people. It was so refreshing to be part of it all again. I have already seen my confidence grow. From directing, asking the interviewees a few questions on my first shoot, to conducting all the interviews on my second. TMG have really let me get the most out of this internship. I have been able to get involved in all aspects of the company. Seeing the design side as well as video production, (another great aspect of the company, having more than one creative team) I have now developed an interest in graphic design, something I would like to explore further.

I’ve always been naturally drawn to films that really capture the emotion and story of the subject. Documentary style videos have always captivated me, alongside animation. TMG do an amazing job at creating videos for clients like Dame Kelly Holmes Trust and Origin Housing, so I was thrilled to explore something I felt so passionately about. Already I have been fortunate enough to work on productions for The FA and GBG and I can’t wait to work on more exciting projects to come.

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