Elements of a brand

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You’ve heard the saying ‘Your brand is more than a logo’. If so, then what else makes up your brand?

Firstly, we need to confirm what a brand is.

Elements of a brand

You only have to Google the words ‘brand explained’ to see there are some 138,000,000 answers. For ‘brand’ it’s an amazing 2,200,000,000. That’s a lot of confusion surrounding the topic.

Some say “it’s your promise to your customers”. I think it’s more than that. That’s too easy and only words. At the very least is has to be that promise delivered.

There is an area between the sender and the receiver. The shorter that distance is I believe the stronger your brand is. It’s everything you do as a company and every interaction the customer has with you. How your brand makes people feel and react are the two key drivers of brand perception. There are physical (logical/tangible) and emotional (subconscious/intangible) elements to a brand.

And to add to the complexity, a brand is continually active, evolving and changing, whether that’s your strategy, products, positioning or customers’ perceptions.

Here are my five key elements that make up your brand:

Probably the most important element. There are no quick shortcuts to creating a strong brand.

Reinforces perceptions. Consistency doesn’t mean keep repeating the same thing, as customers then become bored, but to tell the same story in interesting ways so the perception deepens.

Be truthful to the brand and to your customers. Deliver what you promise. In the long run it will help as trust is critical to growth.

It starts within, like the heart of a brand. Culture creates the energy to grow a brand.

A strong brand knows what it stands for; to achieve this they needed to be able to say NO to a lot of things.

So a brand is an on-going process of creating, maintaining, and clarifying a perception. Get to work on yours. I’ll be back with more thoughts on design and brand soon.

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