How to be awesome in front of the camera

As more businesses turn to video production as a marketing tactic, you may be asked to work with a video agency and talk about your product or service in front of camera.

How would you feel? Excited and confident that you will deliver perfectly? No? More likely a bit daunted and intimidated.

It’s natural to feel a little nervous and unsure of what to expect. What’s going to happen? How will it work? What do you say? This is before you even think about what you should wear.

Well first things first, take a deep breath; it’s going to be fine. Of the hundreds of interviews I’ve done since starting at The Media Group around 90% of the people have never been interviewed, or even appeared in front of a camera before.

So the first thing to realise is that your producer is used to working with people who are camera shy. And even better they are going to make you look great!

If you’re still not feeling sure, there are a few things you can do to help. Here are my top tips that will help you to make sure that you ace your video shoot.

Don’t be a victim

It sounds a little sinister doesn’t it, but it just means take control of your shoot. If you’re not sure what the questions might be or even where the interview will be staged – just ask!

If there’s anything at all you’re unsure about or want to ask then just fire away. Your producer or shoot organiser will always be happy to help and do everything they can to help you feel more comfortable; even if it’s as simple as providing you with a list of the questions in advance.

What we can’t do, despite all our well-documented super powers, is guess what questions you might have that you aren’t asking.

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Classic school teacher jargon but it does have some relevance (damn you, Mr Morley).

You’ve asked your questions and you know what sort of topics you’re going to be asked to discuss in your interview, the best thing to do now is just put your feet up before you jump in front of camera. WRONG. Now you have the luxury of being able to think about what you’d like to say, maybe even practice a few answers with a friend / family member / irritated pet.

Prepare your key messages in advance. What is it that you want to get across?

I’m going to mess up, right?

The answer is probably yes. Maybe you stumble on a word or don’t quite say what you had wanted to say. It’s the end of the world and you’ve ruined your company’s video shoot.

Well, actually, the beauty of video is that you can just do another take. Unless you’re broadcasting live to the world, it’s very simple to do multiple takes. Two, ten, fifteen… It really doesn’t matter.

We’re there to make you look great. Other than having to re-fuel on tea and coffee every few hours, we’ll go for as long as it takes to get your answer the way you want it.

If you’re really struggling, then the magic of editing means we can cut the video to combine your best answers together. You’ll sound like you’ve been doing this your whole life!

The secret really is to embrace your filming. Nerves are normal but do what you can to make yourself feel comfortable. Ask questions and ENJOY it. Worst case scenario you do a great job and come away feeling relieved and hope you never have to do it again. Best case scenario you get nominated for an Oscar in the original interview category. What’s there to lose?

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