A warm welcome home

An article by our Assistant Producer, Will Walters

Getting thrust into the spotlight can mean one or two things: microscope or magnifying glass.

When our Senior Producer Ash left for a food binge holiday Stateside, it fell to me to fill some rather sizeable shoes!

The microscope was now on me as the captain of HMS TMG (Video). Fortunately, I am surrounded by people who’re great at their jobs, so maintaining momentum and achieving objectives seemed to just happen.

This meant although I was at times solo navigating the treacherous waters of video production, I was never truly alone. Potential iceberg collisions were consistently avoided which led to what feels like a titanic success.

253 emails received and actioned

11 filming days delivered

1779 miles covered

19 videos delivered

1 proud Assistant Producer

So I’d like to say thank you to the whole team for believing in me, for being there when I needed you and for keeping my grey hair at bay for another summer. Can’t wait for the next opportunity to take the wheel.

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