The Value of a Business Card

An article by our Training Co-ordinator Sam Ellis

In today’s digital world networking has never been easier, nor has it ever been so impersonal.

Whether we’re sending emails, posting articles on various social media platforms, attending meetings or signing contracts almost everything we do in business is digital.

Sharing contact details by text or email is quick and convenient but what it doesn’t do is allow a real relationship to develop.

A business card is the first impression of your business and your brand. I want our prospective clients to be impressed and to associate our brand with quality and professionalism.

An interesting business card is often a talking point, sometimes shared and at other times generates interest from a wider audience. As well as being a great direct marketing piece, it also continues to market your business to a wider audience long after you’ve handed it over.

Services are, by their nature, a challenge to sell so the visual connectivity between the business cards, the TMG Training website and our branding is crucial. It’s an important reflection of our expertise and plays a vital role in our networking.

At the point in a conversation where we’re exchanging details, there’s no hunting around for a scrap of paper and a pen, it doesn’t matter if my phone battery’s dead and there’s no need to try and remember a valuable email address – a good business card takes care of that.

It’s about who we are, how you can make contact with me, what we do and how we really care about making a good impression – it’s about saying ‘I’m prepared and ready to do business’.

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