Ten years at The Media Group

There are certain things in life that stick with you, even after a decade or more.

Stephen’s interview with The Media Group is one of those. We discussed football. I don’t think we ever touched on the actual work requirements themselves – or if we did it was a brief interlude. Most of the time it was the possibility of Forest regaining previous glories or, as I recall, Stephen’s own penchant for being a goal-hanger.

Stephen Hillier

As a busy midfielder, I had always had a disdain for those glory boys. But Stephen seemed a decent sort of chap and so the deal was done. He joined us.

Ten years later Stephen has moved through a variety of roles with the company, but his intellect has always been a key to any position.

Whether we asked him to oversee our disaster recovery processes as we went through the tortures of gaining certain accreditations, or putting his mind to a particular campaign, Stephen’s brain power has shone out.

Now, as a prospective dad, I suspect his best footballing days are behind him. Or at least on pause.

But the conversations about football, and Forest, continue. Even after a decade.

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