Practice to perform

I love my new role at The Media Group, managing the media and presentation training sessions we run for clients.

The courses are bespoke which means we adapt the training to meet the individual needs of our clients. This is really rewarding.

It’s also made me see everyday situations slightly differently.

As I watched Roger Federer step out onto Wimbledon Centre Court last Saturday it struck me that the principles of a good performance are, in theory, the same. Forget the setting; I’m talking preparation and delivery.

There’s no doubt Federer will have practiced, practiced and practiced. He’ll understand what he wants to achieve from the opportunity (to win!), as well as understanding the expectations of the audience (in this case the spectators).

He has a great rapport with the fans and the media. And, as you’d expect, he’ll also be appropriately dressed for the occasion. These are all skills that we develop and encourage through our training.

With this in mind, it’s reasonable to expect he’ll have a team of experts around him to ensure he maximises every opportunity. Whilst the businesses we work with may not need physios, tennis coaches and personal trainers and their stage may not be SW19, there’s no doubt even the best in the world rely on the expertise of professionals in their field.

Talking or presenting to an audience is such an important part of business. Whether it’s influencing your team or pitching for new business. How many of you take the time to practice and perfect this important skill?

I’ve seen first-hand the benefits our training has for individuals. Be it improved confidence, better delivery, or even directly linked to a promotion or new business win. Take the time to practice and learn from the experts. You might not be playing at SW19 any time soon, but you’ll be a more effective communicator.

Give me a call on 0115 8244400 or email and I’d be happy to talk through how we can help you.

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